Franchise Uses Ebay: Clean Up, Clean Out With Snappy Auctions

NAPLES | Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There is a new way to give global attention to all your unwanted, but loved, items. Snappy Auctions is opening up the buying market to millions of people who want just what you have to sell. According to Snappy Auctions owner, appropriately named John Finder, chances are you have a ton of stuff that can be sold (there are 45,000 categories!). Drop off your items, and his expertly trained staff will assess and evaluate them so that they will sell for the highest possible price. Snappy Auctions will create a professional listing and sell them on eBay. Finder knows how to strategically price your items to attract bidders and make you the most money. When the item is sold, Finder ships it to the new buyer.

Finder previously worked for the Federal Government and tinkered with eBay on the side for quite a few years. When he was ready to leave the government life, he bought his first franchise, and although he owns the only Snappy Auctions in Southwest Florida, he plans to open several more within the next few years.

"Most Americans have over $2,600 worth of unused items in their house and they don't even know it," stated Finder. "People just now understand that garage sales don't work." According to Finder, most items sold weigh less than 150 pounds. But there are certain exceptions; a boat or car will sell easily on eBay. Snappy Auctions charges a commission for the sale of your items, which can range from 15 to 35 percent, depending on the final sales price of the item.

If your item doesn't sell the first time, they will list it again. Finder is quick to point out that 98 percent of the items will sell in the first week of being listed! Finder noted: "We offer pricing and value analysis, professional digital photography and electronic invoicing to buyers. We process the payment, including accepting credit cards, and we pack and ship the items to the new owner. We really make this a no-effort situation for the seller. We also respond to and answer all inquiries about all items." Most auctions will run for seven days, and once the item is sold, paid for, shipped, received and confirmed, the seller receives a check.

"It really can't be much easier," added Finder. When asked what kind of items sell best, Finder said that designer handbags and shoes are very big. Oriental rugs, tools, cameras, camcorders, and anything collectable, are also very popular. The Snappy Auction website offers exercise equipment, golf clubs, auto parts, health care equipment and anything computer-related. If you want it, you can find it at Snappy Auctions. One of the largest items to pass through Finder's doors was a boat, but he has also sold motorcycles and a dinghy. So, let your unused stuff collect money, not dust.

Snappy Auctions is located at 2464 Vanderbilt Beach Road, and Finder may be reached at 598-4970.

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