Facts On Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ULSD is a diesel fuel which has a maximum of 15 ppm (parts per million) sulfur. This is a significant reduction in sulfur content versus the previous generation of diesel fuel, Low Sulfur Diesel (LSD), which contains up to 500 ppm sulfur. The change to ULSD is responsive to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, which mandate this reduction in sulfur levels to improve air quality. All diesel engine vehicles can use ULSD; however, beginning with the 2007 model year, new diesel engine vehicles require the use of ULSD for proper operation. We are confident that Mobil branded ULSD will continue to meet the performance demands of our customers. The following Question and Answers will answer some of the common questions you may have about this change. If you have additional questions, please contact Mobil at 1-800-243-9966. Q: Is all diesel fuel sold at gas stations and truck stops in the U.S. now ULSD? A: No. At the present time the EPA requires only 80% of the highway diesel fuel manufactured in the U.S. to be ULSD. Consumers may still find some LSD at service stations and truck stops until December 1, 2010, when EPA regulations will require all highway diesel fuel to be ULSD. All Express Mart stations are currently selling ULSD. Q: How will I know whether a pump is dispensing ULSD or the higher sulfur LSD fuel? A: Federal regulations require all diesel fuel pumps to have labels specifying the type of fuel dispensed (except in California, where all diesel fuel must be ULSD). Q: What vehicles require ULSD? A: Vehicles with diesel engines manufactured in the 2007 model year or later require the use of ULSD for proper operation. Using LSD or other improper fuel may reduce the efficiency and durability of engines, permanently damage advanced emissions control systems, reduce fuel economy, and possible prevent the vehicles from running at all. Additionally, manufacturer warranties are likely to be voided by improper fuel use. Q: Can I use ULSD in diesel engines manufactured before the 2007 model year? A: Yes. ULSD is acceptable for use in all diesel engines. Q: I have heard that removing the sulfur from diesel can cause problems in older engines. Is ULSD going to harm the engine in my pre-2007 diesel vehicle? A: Some of the sulfur compounds naturally occurring in diesel fuel provide some wear protection and lubricity. To compensate for the sulfur removal in ULSD, Mobil branded diesel fuel is treated with additives to improve lubricity. Customers can be confident in choosing Mobil because their branded ULSD fuel meets ASTM D 975 diesel fuel specifications, which include standards for lubricity, cetane number and other performance characteristics. Q: How will ULSD fuel affect air quality? A: ULSD fuel enables the use of cleaner technology diesel engines and vehicles with advanced emissions control devices. Even when used in older diesel engines, ULSD is believed to result in lower vehicle emissions. Q: Will ULSD work during the winter months in cold climates? A: In cold weather climates ULSD will generally be blended with additives to improve low-temperature operability during winter months to provide proper service. Q: Will ULSD affect the fuel economy of existing diesel cars, trucks and non-road engines and equipment? A: Theoretically, fuel economy may be reduced slightly (about 1%) because the refining process that removes sulfur can also reduce the energy content of the fuel. For additional industry information on ULSD you can go to the Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance's website (www.clean-diesel.org).

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