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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Upholstered furniture adds function and beauty to every room in your home. The choices are many with a wide variety of fibers, fabrics, colors and styles readily available. Guardsman products help you maintain the beauty and value of your furniture investment.

6 General Fabric Care Tips Re-arrange the furniture occasionally to ensure even use of the cushions and wear areas. Reverse loose cushions weekly. Vacuum often to remove grit that can cause abrasion. � � � � Caution those wearing clothing with transferable dyes, such as blue jeans, that the dye could transfer onto light-colored furniture.

Protect fabrics from the sun. Ultraviolet light (sunlight) will cause fiber degeneration and color fade. Fabrics should not be placed in direct sunlight, as this may cause fading. Occasionally, dyes can fade from impurities within the air.

Keep pets off the furniture. Pet urine and pet body oil can be difficult to remove. Use proper care with structural weave fabrics (design created by the weave) to protect against snags.

Fabric Cleaning Codes Before attempting to clean a spill or spot on your furniture, you should identify the fabric and correct cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer.

This information is represented by a cleaning code (W, S, WS or X) often found under a cushion, on the bottom of the furniture or on the manufacturer's tag. If you cannot find this information, contact your sales representative at the furniture store where the item was purchased.

Fabric Codes "W" Spot clean with water-based cleaner.

"S" Spot clean ONLY with mild water-free solvent cleaner.

"WS" Spot clean with water-based or solvent cleaner.

"X" Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing.

Guardsman Fabric Care Products Guardsman Organic Stain LifterTM is a water-based spot cleaner that cleans fabrics without leaving any residue. It is recommended for fabrics treated with Fabri-Coate. Guardsman Organic Stain Lifter is for use on "W" or "WS" coded fabrics only. It removes water and protein-based stains such as coffee, blood, most food stains and pet stains. Pretest Guardsman Organic Stain Lifter in a hidden area for color loss and fabric compatibility.

7 Guardsman Dry Cleaning FluidTM is a water-free cleaning solvent. It removes oil-soluble stains such as grease, tar, oil, gum, oily foods and other stains. Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid is for use on S coded fabrics only. Pretest Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid in a hidden area for color loss and fabric compatibility.

Fabric Cleaning Instructions As a general rule, when a spill occurs, it is important to clean the fabric immediately. The longer a spot remains, the harder it is to remove; it may even become permanent. If you have cleaning directions from the furniture manufacturer, follow those. If none are available, use the instructions provided here. For fabrics coded "W" or "WS", or those that can be cleaned with water-based cleaners, use Guardsman Organic Stain Lifter. If your fabric carries an "S" cleaning code, use only water-free dry-cleaning solvents such as Guardsman Dry Cleaning Fluid.

1. Gently scrape away any excess solid matter or liquid using a dull-edge spoon.

2. Pretest the cleaner you intend to use in a hidden area for color loss and fabric compatibility. Look for faded colors, shrinkage or dark rings; these are signs of incompatibility.

3. If possible, place a clean white cloth under the area to be cleaned, such as the inside of a seat cushion. It will absorb the soil and produce better results.

4. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft, clean white cloth. Begin at the edge of the stain and work toward the center, turning the cloth often. Blot, don't rub the stain, as rubbing can roughen the delicate fibers and leave the fabric looking worn and faded.

5. After cleaning, "feather" the edges of the spot by brushing gently back and forth with a dry cloth. Dry quickly with a fan. This will help prevent ringing.

6. Keep a small stain small! A cotton swab, dipped into the proper cleaning solution and squeezed out, will wick up the dissolved stain, stopping it from spreading (this is a good fix for small ballpoint ink marks).

7. If your first attempt does not remove the spot, you may want to repeat steps three through five a second time.

8. If these efforts do not produce satisfactory results, and if the stain or damage is covered by one of our Furniture Protection Plans, please contact a Guardsman customer service representative at 1-800-253-3957.

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