The First Steps To Your New Salon

Sunday, November 05, 2006

You've made the first step towards achieving your dream of owning your own business. You signed the Area Development agreement and are now on your way to opening your first salons. As you plan your salon opening, here are the just some of the things you'll be doing with Regis Corporation backing you. 1. Meet Your ‘First Salon Opening' Specialist Regis Corporation's First Salon Opening (FSO) program is specifically designed for franchisees opening their first salon. After you sign your Area Development Agreement, you'll get a phone call from an FSO specialist. The FSO specialist guides you through real estate, construction, recruiting, marketing and other opening details. Their goal is to keep you focused on the steps you need to take and on target to meet deadlines. (And remember in addition to FSO specialists, you'll have the support of many people within the Regis Franchise Salon Services Division!) 2. Real Estate One of the first steps is finding the right salon location. The real estate department at Regis Corporation has years of experience in securing the right location. Through the US and Canada, this team matches availability, price and schedules to insure you open your salon in the right place. 3. Opening in Order Your FSO specialist and Regis Corporation have years of expertise and hundreds of salon openings under their belt. For example, as you move toward the possession/construction stage of your salon, you'll start working very closely with your FSO specialist on recruiting staff and stylists as well as preparing the salon for opening. You don't need to worry about ‘trial and error' experiences FSOs and Regis have real life advice and knowledge to guide you through. 4. Common Questions One of the most common questions comes with the recruiting phase. How do you find the right stylists? This is where your FSO specialist is very helpful. They work with you to help develop criteria for finding the right people for your location, management style and most importantly your clientele. ---More--- The First Steps to your First Salon Page Two 5. Orientation: For Success As your opening date moves closer, Regis requires you to attend an important orientation session. The week-long event offers over 30 seminars including situational management, leadership development, personal development, salon operations, inventory, team building, salesmanship and merchandising, and more. This week is also very helpful as you have time to talk with other franchisees you may not have had a chance to meet face-to-face. And, depending on the concept you franchise, additional classes are available. Clearly, Regis Corporation and the FSOs of Franchise Services are behind you 110%. And existing franchisees are always available for questions and idea exchanges. Most important, you are not alone you have the world leader in hair care and salon franchising ready to work with you on your first steps to success.

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