Stained Glass Overlay Reinvents An Ancient Tradition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN | Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Making Art Glass a Part of the Modern Houses in Indianapolis

What do celebrities, hotels, casinos, everyday homeowners, and major amusement parks have in common with Roman Villas from the First century A.D.? Art Glass. Once used by wealthy Romans in their villas and palaces as a domestic luxury, art glass is now used in today's world as an artistic medium. Tony Milano owner of SGO of Central Indiana / Indianapolis, an international decorative glass company and the largest of its kind, says, "There are many ways to integrate a classic sophistication into modern homes. SGO is the only decorative art glass that incorporates safe, tempered glass with custom designs, adding value, privacy and beauty to today's homes." Homeowners, architects and interior designers sometimes feel restricted in their ideas of how and where decorative glass creations could fit within their projects. "We work with builders around the country creating art glass windows as an option for their model homes," says Milano, "and knowledgeable buyers choose Stained Glass Overlay because it's easy �SGO overlays onto the existing glass so you don't have the expense and hassle of ripping out your present windows, saving you time and money, and of course, since we are full service � we can also fully replace your windows if you would like." The artists of SGO handcraft customized designs to each client's specifications. Milano details some of the reasons people choose SGO and offers these inventive concepts for incorporating art glass into a home: � Privacy - Using the designs within bathrooms and kitchens is a stylish way to create privacy, yet still allowing light to enter. � Problem Windows - Some windows, especially in bathrooms, entryways and kitchens, are uniquely shaped, not allowing for curtains or window treatments. SGO is an excellent option to visually enhance a window of any shape or size. � Shower Doors � A perfect decorative expression to craft an aura of romance, fashion or fun. � Temperature - Cool colors, such as blues and greens, can dramatically cool down a south-facing room by absorbing and diffusing light, in addition SGO is 99% UV resistant and stops the harmful effects of the sun on furniture and carpets. SGO artists in Indianapolis work to meet every customer's individual needs and unique vision for their own overlay creations. "We have over 300 colors and textures to choose from. Every project is handcrafted, creating a UV resistant work of art on safety glass," furthers Milano. "In fact, we can translate any design into an SGO creation � that's what sets us apart � we do not limit customers to a stock style and no design is too intricate." SGO has the largest proprietary design library in the world with thousands of designs. "We can create a custom piece to make your window art uniquely yours and due to our exclusive installation system, you can take it with you if you move!" "Our team of award winning artisans believe in doing business the old fashioned way," says Milano "we will meet with you in your home or our studio working with you every step of the way. Our proprietary CAD-CAM system (the same system used to create the projects for celebrity homes and high profile public works) allows customers to see what their project will look like before we even start." For more information on SGO of Central Indiana / Indianapolis please call Tony Milano at 317-807-0042 . Stained Glass Overlay is the largest business of its kind in the world and was launched in 1975, with over 300 locations worldwide. SGO franchisees serve customers across North America and in over forty countries. With an enormous range of designs, and an experienced team of talented artisans, SGO designs are perfect for homes, offices and places of worship. Clients include some of the world's most beautiful hotels and casinos, the United States Navy, as well as many celebrities and social dignitaries.

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