Yakety Yak Located In The Hub

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yakety Yak is a small "no name" cell phone store located in the Hub. Honestly it's the type of place I'd never consider buying a cell phone but I wandered in here the other day in search of an unlocked GSM phone to replace my ailing RAZR that had bit the dust. I was out of contract and did not want to throw myself on the mercy of Cingular or Verizon for a new phone with a two year contract and high fees. They had run out of unlocked phones but I got to talking with the two owners of the business. A young articulate couple who are trying to scratch out a piece of the American dream. Yakety Yak is a dealer for Sprint, Nextel and a company I'd never heard of called Amp'd. Amp'd is a content provider who uses the Verizon network. I discovered I could get a new solid Motorola phone at a low price and 500 minutes of Verizon for $30 when using Amp'd. Deciding that I'd probably be happy with the Verizon coverage I signed up. The phone I left with had a small glitch which I discovered later that day. Andre, the owner of the business bent over backwards to get me a new phone, set it up and make sure I left a happy customer. That, my friends, is the definition of good customer service. I'm reserving judgement on Amp'd, they are a new company and appear to be overwhelmed when it comes to customer service. In general it's nearly impossible to reach Amp'd. That's where the owners of this small business come in. They told me up front to consider them my customer service contact when it came to the provider. Instead of being on hold with a faceless voice a local call to Yakety Yak will take care of my phone, service and billing problems, should they arise. I'll write a review of Amp'd after I've had the phone for a while but for now I'm giving these guys a good review.

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3400 Irvine Ave., #118
Newport Beach, CA

Phone: (888)925-4887
Toll Free: (888)925-4887
Fax: (949)486-6001

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