Fluoride In Water Can Be Harmful

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fluoride has long been a familiar substance in the dental industry. This naturally occurring compound used for preventing tooth decay, has worked its way into the nation's water supplies and now is in the midst of a hot debate on its adverse health effects.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 91 percent of Americans are drinking fluoridated water. However, many Americans are not educated on the type of fluoride they are ingesting.

The perception that many people have is that the fluoride in the water is just like the fluoride used in the dentist's office. However, that fluoride is pharmaceutical grade and approved for dental use. The fluoride found in drinking water is in a different form.

The type of fluoride that is added to municipal water supplies is called silicofluoride. According to a report released from the EPA, this compound consists of chemicals that are collected from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry. This scrubber substance contains arsenic, lead and radioactive particles. It is legally regulated as toxic waste until being sold to municipalities, where it is used to fluoridate the municipal water supplies. Consequently, this is the water that comes through your tap.

The ingestion of too much fluoride has been proven to cause an array of health problems. Studies have linked silicofluorides to everything from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. Fluoridated water particularly affects individuals who suffer from kidney problems because they are unable to eliminate fluoride and therefore suffer more of the toxic effects. Water To Go™ offers water in its purest form. Our proprietary Pure & Fresh 12-Stage Water Purification System™ eliminates everything from the water, including fluoride, pesticides and bacteria. For more information on water fluoridation, see the EPA unions' statement at http://nteu280.org.

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