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Friday, June 10, 2005

Using precipitators to see what is in your water

Drinking water quality has become a hot issue in the media with news stories of contaminated drinking water on airplanes to boil-water orders around the nation. Each day in southern New Jersey, families are using their tap water for cooking, drinking and their pets. Imagine being able to see what is in your water. The precipitator, a water testing instrument, can do just that.

The precipitator, also known as a total dissolved solids (TDS) indicator, is effective in visually demonstrating the difference in high TDS water and low TDS water. The instrument has two electrode rods that are placed into two samples of drinking water. When the precipitator is turned on, the rods send positive charges into the water to decrease the negative electrons. In doing this, TDS that are in the water will separate and turn various colors from light yellow to a dark green. TDS that can be present in water are metals, minerals, chlorine and phosphates. Each of these elements may give water an odor and metallic, chlorinated or salty taste. According to the LEO EnviroSci Inquiry (www. leo.lehigh.edu), high TDS concentrations may add a laxative effect to the water or cause the water to have an unpleasant mineral taste. Consumers are learning the benefits of purified drinking water to eliminate many of the TDS that can be found in normal tap water. Water To GoŽ, North Americas largest bottled water franchisor, invites consumers to have their water tested with a precipitator against Water To Gos purified drinking water.

Water To GoŽ has a proprietary Pure & Fresh 12-Stage Purification SystemŽ that takes out the impurities that normal tap water leaves in. When consumers see a TDS meter in action, Water To GoŽ purified drinking water stays clear while tap, spring, and other bottle waters become cloudy and dark with impurities. Water To GoŽ has more than 100 franchises in the United States and Canada. Many locations also supply air purification products, vitamins, supplements and specialty foods. To find out local tap water standards, contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Water Supply Administration. Contact Water To GoŽ headquarters for more information on precipitator testing and purified drinking water at 877-725-6622 or e-mail [email protected] Water To Go locations in the southern New Jersey area are equipped with precipitators to test any type of water consumers bring in. Visit a Water To GoŽ near you: 3131 State Highway 38 Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 (856) 608-0777 3501 Haddonfield Road Pennsauken, NJ 08109 (856) 910-8881 1315 Tatamy Road Easton, PA 18045 (610) 438-2865

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