Where Cell Phone Security Comes From

Friday, April 13, 2007


One perfect example of this new kind of security is provided by a company called EYESthere Inc. in Carrollton, Texas. The company offers a range of digital security systems that you can monitor and control from a cell phone. They also have a really interesting business model. Rather than reinventing the wheel with high-cost proprietary solutions, EYESthere uses off-the-shelf hardware and software, which it improves upon with custom software. A typical EYESthere installation involves a digital video recorder (DVR), any number of cameras and other security equipment. The EYESthere offering can handle anywhere from one to 8,000 cameras at once (500 DVRs with 16 camera feeds per DVR). The cost averages about $1,100 per camera, plus 1% per month for ongoing support.

EYESthere is really a kind of systems integrator that adds the DVR and cameras to a home or business but integrates them with the existing network and possibly existing security systems, such as sensors built into the doors and windows.

EYESthere launched an aggressive effort recently to franchise its business nationwide. Though it currently installs and configures the equipment and provides training and tech support, it doesn't provide live, 24/7 monitoring. But the company plans to roll that out in the near future as an option.

Once EYESthere technicians install a security system, the on-site DVR records camera feeds and stores the video for weeks or months. At any time, customers can watch live video on the DVR system, over the network, via the Internet with a standard Web browser, or -- the piece de resistance -- using a Windows Mobile or Windows CE-based cell phone or any phone that supports Java, such as the BlackBerry. From any of these clients, you can stop, rewind, fast-forward or go to a specific point in time very quickly. On all clients except the cell phone, you can view up to 16 cameras at once on a screen. The cell phone viewer gives you one camera at a time. The DVR can trigger events, such as SMS notification, based on motion detected or a change in what's there or isn't there. For example, you can set up the system to text you if the cash register suddenly disappears. Click on the link, rewind and watch the perpetrator make off with your cash register. Users can also configure the system to record only motion, which increases the number of months that recordings can be stored and decreases the time it takes to watch them.

Some EYESthere customers even e-mail video to the police, making it almost convenient to catch crooks. The digital format of the video means that you can burn clips to a CD or DVD, then take that to court or share it with the police, lawyers, insurance people and others. The EYESthere DVR is protected by an on-site hardware firewall and a software firewall on DVR. The Web server uses secure authentication. All ports are closed except those necessary for operation. Security companies like EYESthere are ushering in an exciting new world of building security, combining digital video cameras, computers, networking and intelligent software to lower security costs while dramatically improving security. But the really powerful element of all this is bringing control, monitoring and notification to your cell phone, the computer you always carry. It frees you to spend time running your business or living your life, knowing that if anything goes wrong, you'll be notified and can watch it happen -- live. Now that's security.

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