Partnering For Success: The New Powerful Relationship Between Hr, Executive Recruiters, & Hiring Managers

Monday, June 18, 2007

Recruiters used to be trained to bypass HR, but now they are forging strong strategic relationships and companies are benefiting. There has been a change in the influence of HR departments. Why and how has HR gained so much more power? HR departments used to spend more time administering benefits and nurturing and developing current employees with less involvement in who was hired into the company. Historically, HR and executive recruiters did not partner with one another. Non-industry specialized recruiters often presented unqualified candidates, causing problems when they approached hiring managers directly. From the other perspective, executive recruiters purposefully bypassed HR departments and were specifically trained not to work with HR because it slowed down the process. HR generalists were sometimes not as knowledgeable about the specifics of technical positions as the hiring manager. Now, HR professionals and hiring managers are working in triangular partnership with industry specialized recruiters and getting the job done with greater efficiency. Roles are being defined better and the process is running more smoothly. How will the future of recruiting be influenced by this new partnership? Ron Herzog, CEO & President of FPC, said, "In the changing recruitment landscape, recruiters are now partnering with HR professionals in addition to hiring managers and companies are benefiting from this strong alliance. With a candidate-poor market, this triangular partnership is key in finding the right talent. I see this trend continuing as roles become more defined and HR professionals have even more involvement in company strategy." About FPC FPC recruiters provide recruiting solutions for Fortune 100 to privately held corporations providing well credentialed candidates to fill their needs. For further information about FPC, call 800-886-7839 or visit

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