How To Get The Guy (s)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You're finally ready to hit the male-clientrecruiting scene, but which guy is right for you and your salon? Here are four common male clients… and tips on how to get them for good. Do you want a client who… Wants to impress others with his looks? Goes to the gym to improve his physique? Is open to just about any treatment that could help him appear more groomed? You need… The trend-setting guy. This guy is probably called a metrosexual by his friends. However, he probably would never call himself "metro" and appreciates that you don't either. Instead, he prefers to think of himself as someone who simply takes care of his looks like any self-respecting man should. His profession varies – from blue collar to white collar – but his appearance is important, mainly because he knows that women do notice a well-kept man. How to catch his eye 1. Become a heavyweight. "We do a lot of partnerships with local gyms," says Stacia Stasnek, public relations and sales coordinator for American Male. "Their clients will get a discount at our salon, and our clients will get a discount at the gym." 2. Tell him he'll be a ladies' man. Launching a new website called Bud.TV, Anheuser-Busch filmed advertisements for the website at The 316 Club. According to the owner, in a segment about what women want that is planned to air during games, the ads tool men from local bars and sent them to the 316 Club to be fixed up for how women want to see them. 3. Tease him with a deal. American Male is doing a "test drive" program where clients can try out a Hand Detailing service at half price because the company is confident that as more men try nail care services they'll become loyal to the service. 4. Talk up your handy-work. "The guys who work with their hands a lot like hand detailing to have soft hands," says Stasnek. 5. Keep things light. If he's a guy watching his waistline, a huge glass of wine or full-calorie beer won't put him at ease. Make sure your drinks include a variety, from light beers, to juices, to plain old bottled water.

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