Jim's Cleaning Group Offers Domestic Franchise Package

Friday, October 12, 2007

It is a well known fact that the modern women can do it all. Unfortunately, job opportunities which fit in with the responsibilities of being a mother are not as easily found as our politicians would suggest.

Even the most flexible of employers is, at the end of the day, a business owner putting the needs of his company before the needs of his workers. But what if the working mother was the business owner? The Jim's Cleaning Group has a long history of family businesses, with the vast majority of its franchisees working as husband and wife teams or with the help of their children, cousins and in-laws.

While the businesses are traditionally run full time, this inclusion of family members led Jim's Cleaning to identify a desperate need in the community for a genuine part time opportunity allowing working mothers to enjoy all the benefits of owning a business.

The result was the Jim's Cleaning domestic franchise package fondly named a baby franchise by the franchisors with young families themselves.

The business was created especially for people aiming to work part time such as stay at home mothers and the semi-retired, and has a low entry price of less than $15,000.

Packages include full training and support, all the cleaning equipment needed to get started and full fit out of stationery, uniforms, signage and promotional material.

Baby franchises allow mothers to fit their working time around their kid's appointments, outings and even sleeping patterns. They provide a helpful income and the chance to build a business of value rather than accepting low part-time wages simply because the mother wants flexible work.

Franchisees are taught to gain referrals as well as receiving work from the Jim's Cleaning office, to build up a client base close to home. This results in more money for less time and travel, as well as being nearby the house or school almost all the time.

Working mothers represent a great untapped resource in this country. For too long, businesses have overlooked the experience and skills stays at home mums have to offer.

While domestic franchises are intended for part time work initially, as the kids get older they can be built up, split and resold in the just same manner as any other Jim's Cleaning franchise.

They can even take on employees, so for ambitious women with a long term plan, the sky's the limit.

Domestic franchises allow working mothers to shine personally and professionally while not neglecting their family and the end result is a flexible business providing long term income and even a cash windfall down the track when the business is sold.

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