Customer Backs Through Door Of Pizza Schmizza

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A local pizza restaurant got a drive-through customer today that they weren't expecting.

A woman was backing up to the door of Pizza Schmizza to load up balloons, when she apparently hit the gas instead of the brake. Her van crashed into the building, smashing out glass in the front and narrowly missing people standing nearby.

Fortunately no one was injured.

B.Z. Zeller, Manager of the restaurant witnesses the crash.

"A lady asked if she could have some balloons for her two-year-old's birthday as well, and we said absolutely, you can have all you can load up in your van. Just back it in here to the restaurant and we'll load you up. So she was backing in her van, I was standing right here waiting for her to back it in here, and kind of guiding here in, and she hit the accelerator. I was just kind of waiting for the brake to happen, and it just got faster and faster." No word on how much the damage was, but the store was able to open up a short time later after the wrecked van was towed.

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