Mosquitonix Targets Atlanta

Monday, December 10, 2007

Helping Americans take back their yards with its proven mosquito control system, MosquitoNix, the nation's leader in mosquito control, has announced plans to open more than 100 new locations across the country in the next four years. Under powerful executive leadership, MosquitoNix will develop a location in Atlanta to join the already established Marietta location of MosquitoNix.

"We are thrilled to expand the MosquitoNix concept throughout Georgia and specifically in Atlanta,"� said Josh Johnston, Franchise Development Director of MosquitoNix and a former mosquito control business owner. "New franchisees can look forward to a built in customer base and a concept that is immune to the ups and downs of the economy with mosquitos continuing to be an annoyance on communities nationwide."� After helping thousands of people take back their backyards, while marketing its "Stop Donating Blood"� campaign, over the past few years, MosquitoNix is on a double-pronged mission "" ironically, to control the growing population of pesky mosquitos while helping limit the spread of the West Nile Virus, and to provide a recession-proof business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a piece of the booming mosquito control industry.

"Atlanta home and business owners will be able to reclaim their backyards and outdoor living spaces from mosquitos and other biting insects,"� said Dan O"�Neal, CEO of the MosquitoNix franchise. "Our misting systems make it easier and more enjoyable for people to step into their backyards, or have dinner at outdoor restaurants without fear of being eaten alive."� MosquitoNix offers home and business owners a fully automated misting system that utilizes a botanical insecticide to eliminate mosquitos and other flying insects. MosquitoNix offers a test-proven system to control and eliminate insects through the automatic misting of Pyrethrum around the perimeters of a house, building or yard. Each system is equipped with a remote control that allows the user to mist between regularly timed intervals and battery back-up system that ensures the system remains on schedule in the event of a power outage.

The MosquitoNix system is designed for residential, commercial and business settings, allowing consumers to choose a customized system to meet their specific needs. Each systems comes with a remote control that allows the user to mist between regularly timed intervals, a battery back-up system that keeps the timer correct in the event of a power outage.

"As we continue to grow our franchise with an increasing amount of customers looking for the right partner in controlling mosquitos and taking their backyards back, we wanted to ensure that an efficient system and structure was in place to support our expected franchise growth,"� O"�Neal said. "With all the right elements in place, the demand for the MosquitoNix franchise brand is at an all time high and the window to get in is now."� MosquitoNix offers a comprehensive five-day training program for franchisees. While no prior experience in mosquito control is required to become a franchisee, MosquitoNix's ideal candidate is a hungry entrepreneur who loves the outdoors and has an established relationship with their community.

ABOUT MOSQUITONIX The MosquitoNix Insect Mist System is a fully-automated misting system that kills and repels mosquitos, flies, spiders, gnats, fleas, ticks, roaches and other outdoor insects. The MosquitoNix system sprays Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers around a consumer's home or business and property perimeter at selected intervals throughout the day. Today, under the leadership of CEO Dan O"�Neal, MosquitoNix, the nation's leading mosquito control franchise, has put in place an aggressive plan to open an additional 100 locations by 2010. In addition, MosquitoNix is working to expand its reach by creating new services that can be made available to all people.

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