Socially Responsible Business: Earn Money, Sleep Well

Monday, February 25, 2008

There is nothing quite like making money while enjoying the inner calm of knowing that your business goals, practices and products enrich and enhance your customers, employees, the environment and your own inner sense of what is right. Being aligned in this way leads to the kind of fulfillment most of us crave from our work life. Research shows employees working at companies with clear corporate responsibility (CSR) programs, including environmental and social programs, are most satisfied. Employees at these companies also stay at their jobs longer and are more content with senior management than their peers at companies with lackluster CSR programs, according to a recent survey by Kenexa Research Institute (KRI). 

 While Corporate America adapts to the inevitability of going green, many among its ranks are ready to begin a more socially and environmentally responsible business life now. How do you create a socially responsible business? Consider the following: * Become Conscious. A healthy business is self-aware. Choose your products, suppliers, location and business practices with the intention of being responsible. Realize that before you can develop the habit of making wiser choices, you need to develop the awareness that it is up to you.

* Value People. Your employees and customers are more that "tools" or "resources" to help you achieve your business objectives. They are people with lives of their own, who need to be valued as such. Do you appreciate your employees and customers? Do they know it? * Consider the Environment. Raising our consciousness to all matters green makes sense in more ways than one. "Green is good business," according to Greener World Media CEO and Publisher, Pete May. "This realization is driving some of the larger corporations like GE and Wal Mart to implement environmentally responsible policies. Small and medium sized companies that differentiate themselves also experience that there are many consumers willing to pay for products and services that promote social responsibility." * Make a Profit. Reality check. Making money is a primary purpose and requirement to being in business. Your business won't be around to implement it's socially responsible policies if it isn't profitable. * Give Your Best. Only you know what you have to offer and only you know if you are giving your all. So many restless, irritable people do not sleep well at night because they haven't earned that sleep. Good sleep is earned by working hard and in accordance with your deepest values.

What to do if you aren't happy where you are? Move on. We live in a world of unlimited opportunity. If your current business isn't aligned with your deeply held social values, then find another opportunity. Many businesses are designed with the greater good in mind. Mike Bundrant is the Founder of Healthy Times Newspaper, an international franchise opportunity. He can be reached at 951-461-3456. Healthy Times Newspaper makes an invaluable contribution to community life, as it helps health and wellness oriented businesses grow, serving the greater good of each community.

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