Cybertary(r), Inc., Remains Loyal To U.s. And Canada By Taking A Stand Against Sending Virtual Assistant Work Overseas

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cybertary(R: 62.18, -0.85, -1.34%), Inc., a network of professional Virtual Assistants (VAs) supporting independent and small-business owners, announces today their commitment to only utilize workers within the U.S. and Canada and not outsource offshore. Their position was inspired by information released in a 2008 study by Brenner Information Group titled, Special Report: A Comprehensive Study of the Virtual Services Industry. The report outlines trends that point to virtual assistant jobs being outsourced increasingly to India and China. According to the report, "In the U.S. and except for virtual assistant administrative services, virtual service revenue is tending down. In China and India, however, the revenue trend is definitely upward. These emerging countries are garnering most of the virtual jobs today." For Cybertary clients, the position to hire only workers within the U.S. and Canada is a positive, proactive and vitally important one for the security of clients. According to Patricia Beckman, founder and President of Cybertary, "All of the laws, insurance policies, and identity theft protection that are commonplace in the U.S. are all but absent in overseas countries. In the U.S. and Canada, laws are customer-focused and enforceable. There is no 'world court' to address mishandled, misused, or stolen information that ends up in the wrong hands. Cybertary clients will have the confidence and reassurance of knowing that by keeping our workers local we are able to thereby protect their best interests as well." As to what could potentially lure a customer to outsource to India or China the Brenner report states that, "In the 'old days' a service provider could offer buyers their choice of two of three alternatives - price, schedule, and quality. Today, buyers want all three. They're demanding shorter turnarounds, lower prices, and higher quality. This puts severe pressure on profit margins. If the seller cannot meet these demands, the clients are quick to look for another service provider. Many are looking offshore." "Remember, cheaper is not better," responds Tracy Phipps, Owner of Cybertary's South Charlotte, North Carolina office. "Cybertary provides a complete offering of administrative support with specialists in each area. This allows business owners the benefit of one-stop shopping for administrative support with the knowledge that they get guaranteed high quality local workers. In turn, this saves them time from hunting for support and money due to the gained efficiency of quality." Keeping virtual assistant jobs within the U.S. and Canada is also serving to benefit the population of "working Moms." According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated population of "stay-at-home" moms totaled 5.4 million from findings released in November 2004. "More and more women are turning to jobs that allow for work/life balance or even opening their own companies to fill that desire," explains Beckman.

"Cybertary was founded on the principle of being a way to support those who want the benefit of work and life balance. The same principle should be applied to both the mom who wants a flexible work schedule while earning a worthy wage, and the overwhelmed business owner who wants to alleviate some of their administrative burden. Both parties should have the confidence that their best interests will be protected," adds Tina Angell, Co-Owner of Cybertary's Sacramento Regional Franchise.

According to Jim Fitzgerald, Cybertary's Director of Franchise Development, Cybertary is an exceptional choice for franchise consideration as well as outsourced administrative support within the U.S. and Canada. "When working with Cybertary, our clients have the confidence that they are working within the infrastructure of a franchise system, complete with operating standards and legal agreements. Cybertary's policies and systems offer a win/win for all parties involved." About Cybertary, Inc.

Cybertary, Inc. was founded in Roseville, CA in 2005 by Patricia Beckman to meet the growing demand for reliable and professional administrative outsourcing. Cybertary is the only Virtual Assisting franchise system in the United States. Cybertary is now available as a nationwide franchise opportunity with regional networks of VAs. For more information on the franchise opportunity, contact Holly Follows, Franchise Sales Manager, at (888) CYB-TARY (292-8279), email to [email protected] or visit The public client-facing website that describes Cybertary services and promotes franchisees is

SOURCE: Cybertary, Inc.

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