Reno-based Franchise Grows 200%

Sunday, August 09, 2009

At a time when the country and Nevada in particular is seeing a high unemployment rate, a Reno-based national franchise is trying to show a little innovation goes a long way.

CEO Mike Enos wanted to protect his boat over the winter but couldn't find anything in the market place that quite fit his needs. So he wrapped his boat himself with durable material, and Fast Wrap USA was born.

Two years later, Fast Wrap has twenty-eight franchises and every one of them is growing.

Mark Levrett owns the Reno franchise of Fast Wrap. He says, "every time I tell someone about this business, you see the wheels turning in their head the ideas they could have in their own house." Chief Operating Officer of Fast Wrap USA, Chris McMillan, says, "Fast Wrap is a unique product it's a low density polyethene film�that wraps boats planes trains, we've done the aircraft tower in town, the triple A ball stadium in town." Compared to the traditionally used tarp, the "shrink to wrap" seal helps protect from all the elements including wind, rain, and snow. It is fire retardant and even has temperature control.

And to keep up with the times, they've added an eco-conscious approach.

"We're the only shrink wrapper in U.S. that offers green shrink wrap�all of our shrink wrap is 100% recyclable," says McMillan.

After just two years, Fast Wrap USA has seen 200 percent growth. The Reno franchise alone expects to see this year's sales reach $700,000.

Levrett sums it up. "Everybody is talking about how horrible times are and I see a whole bunch of potential here for future to make this grow and create jobs." For more information on Fast Wrap USA visit

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