Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (easi) Technologies Cut Stryker Corp. Puerto Rico Plant Energy Usage By 18 Percent

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Arroyo, Puerto Rico high technology medical devices manufacturing facility's monthly energy usage was reduced from 1,436,000 kilowatt hours to 1,177,000, an 18 percent reduction. Kilowatt demand was reduced by a similar amount, and all power factor penalties were eliminated.

Stryker Corp. is one of the largest companies in the worldwide orthopedic equipment market, with nearly $7 billion in annual sales and a significant presence in other medical specialties.

The electrical system analysis and installation of the EASI energy saving technologies for the Arroyo plant was carried out by Caribbean Energy Savings, Inc. of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The project design and the technologies used were provided by Energy Automation Systems, Inc.

"Our energy reduction goals were surpassed," said Francis Pagan, the Stryker plan's facilities manager. "This is especially remarkable as energy costs increased during that same period.

"Installation was completed with no interruption during our around-the-clock manufacturing process," Pagan added. "Our environmental goals were also met, meaning we significantly reduced our carbon footprint. We have experienced the utmost satisfaction with this process." Energy reduction estimates were for a nine percent savings; however, when completed, the project resulted in the 18 percent energy use reduction. Energy savings work included a lighting retrofit of manufacturing and warehousing areas which increased light levels and quality of light.

EASI's Easiliner and Powerliner technologies were used throughout in the manufacturing and air conditioning equipment. Additional savings on air conditioning and refrigeration were achieved with the EASI Optimizer intelligent controller and EASI's polarized refrigerant oil additive.

All EASI technologies perform by improving electrical system efficiency and the efficiency of the loads they treat, reducing excess heat and improving power quality. This conforms to EASI's philosophical approach to energy conservation, saving energy by reducing waste that exists in electrical systems.

Achieving a doubling of the energy savings over estimates for the Arroyo facility is a significant cost-saver for Stryker's Puerto Rico operations, said Joe Merlo, EASI founder and chief executive officer.

"Our affiliate, Caribbean Energy Savings, conducted an energy evaluation of the facility, which resulted in the nine percent estimated savings," Merlo said. "Nearly doubling that estimate speaks to the efficiency of EASI technologies that are applicable to any business that uses electricity." If the actual savings had been below the estimate the difference would have been covered by EASI through an arrangement with Lloyd's of London. EASI technologies have a life cycle of 20-30 years and require no maintenance, Merlo said.

Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI) is a Nashville, Tenn.-based company that has provided energy savings solutions for companies in the U.S. and around the world for more than 30 years. Its website is

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