Fuddruckers Billings More Than A Good Value

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know it's a national chain and all, and that we mostly stick to local Montana businesses, but we'd never been to a Fuddruckers before, and boy were we in for a surprise. The value is good, the food is great and the atmosphere is frankly second to none.

If you've never been there before, it works a little bit like this. You start by walking up to an order counter where you pick from a variety of 1/3rd or ½ pound burgers, or a number of chicken or other items. You grab your drink, take your table and wait for them to bark out that it's time for you to eat.

In our case, we got appetizers, so those were delivered to us, but the kids in our group hardly knew it. They started by donning their kids' caps, old-timey paper soda shop hats, and drawing on their coloring books, but quickly ran outside to the patio where gophers, ducks and other fowl (not that gopher are water birds, but just the ducks) were putting on quite a little show.

The mozzarella sticks were delicious, and we also had a chocolate shake, which satisfied everyone in our group. Apparently the shakes are pretty popular, and I can see why. They're the real deal, the hand made kind that come out in a blender cup, and mighty tasty indeed.

Once they call out your name, you go up and get your order. There's no need for all the "no lettuce or tomato, add barbecue" business, because everything comes bare and you get to fix it up yourself. If you want it smothered with chili or cheese, no matter what it is you ordered, you can take care of it yourself. If you want pico de gallo, an absurd amount of mayonnaise or just the right number of pickles, that's all up to you.

I can't stress this enough, you really get to dress up your burger, chicken or what-have-you exactly the way you want it. If you want onions, relish, jalapeños, or just to bathe that bad boy in all-American ketchup, it's totally up to you. You add what you want, only what you want, and as much of it as your heart and tummy desire.

We took a table out on the patio. It was around sunset and the breeze was perfect. We got to eat ourselves silly while we watched the other kids playing with the ducks. The food was hot, fresh and just plain delicious, and I say that while admitting we weren't even starving or anything. We were just "normal hungry", unlike other amazing meals we've had when we were so famished it wouldn't much matter if we were eating military food.

Fuddruckers in Billings, Montana is located at 2011 Overland Ave. You can reach them by phone at (406) 656-5455.

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