Alco-buddy's Custom Breathalyzer Vending Machines Will Help You Grow Your Vending Machine Franchise Business

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In response to rapid sales growth in 2009, Alco-Buddy, leading manufacturer of alcohol vending machines, is making it much easier for its vending machine franchisees and their customers to select, install and properly use Alco-Buddy's unique line of alcohol breathalyzer vending machines. Their line of custom vending machines offers a design for any prospective breathalyzer location. Expanding on the original vending machine design has piqued the interest of entrepreneurs looking to start their own alcohol breathalyzer vending machines.

The new designs utilize striking product pictures, bold colors and new user-friendly operational tools. "Drunk driving is a real and present danger that affects everyone. All too often people leave establishments after drinking too much. We needed to offer all establishments and organizations a breathalyzer vending machine that fits their demographic and target market", says John Berlingieri, President of Alco-Buddy Vending Machines.

Another evolution of the original Alco Buddy design is the addition of an advertising LCD screen measuring 10 inches and placed in the center of the machine. The strategically placed screen allows business owners who implement the breathalyzer machines in their establishments to sell advertising and commercial space. The most obvious example is local cab companies. It will either run advertisements (a slide show form) or have promotional videos or commercials running on a continuous loop. This feature is going to cost an additional one time cost of $300 to be implemented on your machine or machines.

For the last few years Alco-Buddy has been providing patrons with access to an alcohol breathalyzer test, allowing them to gauge their own B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) before they ever get behind the wheel. Alco-Buddy offers you the opportunity to start your own small business by placing breathalyzer machines in establishments in your community. Alcohol breathalyzer vending machines are a great way to support responsible drinking while offering the opportunity of financial freedom for prospective franchise owners. The demand to expand into varied establishments serving alcohol, and the rise in entrepreneurs starting their own vending machine franchise partnerships with Alco-Buddy has resulted in rapid expansion in breathalyzer machine designs.

Ideal locations for alcohol breathalyzer vending machines include sports bars, casinos, bowling alleys, restaurants, college hangouts, marinas, comedy clubs etc.... The sales opportunities are virtually endless for people looking to start their own vending machine franchise. Statistics are showing that patrons love using the breathalyzer vending machines, which only means more money in the franchisee's pockets. With the current economic environment it's a great way to take control of your financial destiny.

For more information on additional Alco-Buddy breathalyzer vending machines and innovations visit Alco-Buddy manufactures innovative alcohol breathalyzer vending machines while partnering with people looking to open vending machine franchise companies. Today, thousands of Alco-Buddy's breathalyzer machines are in businesses around the world.

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