Eagle Boys Opens First Halal-accredited Store

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eagle Boys Pizza has become the first major pizza chain in Australia to open a Halal-accredited store.

Halal is an Islamic word meaning "permissible." Foods that are not halal include: Swine/pork and its by-products Animals slaughtered not in accordance with Islamic law or who were dead before slaughtering Alcoholic drinks and intoxicants Carnivorous animals, birds of prey and certain other animals Foods contaminated with any of the above products.

The Bexley location received Halal accreditation in July. The special menu will be offered alongside Eagle Boys' standard offerings.

Eagle Boys Pizza CEO Todd Clayton said while Halal accreditation is currently limited to Eagle Boys Bexley, other stores might be made compliant later on, depending on demographics.

"Based on the demand, tastes and preferences of individual local communities, other Eagle Boys stores may receive accreditation to ensure each community's food requirements are adequately represented on our menu," he said. "A number of other quick-service restaurants already offer Halal-accredited products nationally, but Eagle Boys Bexley is the first store from the top three pizza chains to have done this." To receive accreditation, Eagle Boys Bexley met an 11-point checklist from the Halal Certification Authority Australia covering store suppliers and procedures.

Eagle Boys Bexley has colored pizza pans, lids, blades, chopping boards and measuring cups to differentiate the equipment required for preparation of Halal-approved products.

Eagle Boys Bexley store owners Mustafa and Farah Rizvi said the store's accreditation ensured it was well-equipped to cater to all its customers' food preferences.

"Roughly 70 percent of our store's demographic are people who would like to consume meat, but have been prevented because of Halal food laws," Farah said. "With Halal accreditation, Eagle Boys Bexley can now provide for the taste buds of all our loyal customers." Farah said the store's Halal accreditation has already driven new customers to the store.

Eagle Boys Bexley's Halal-approved pizzas include Garlic Prawn, Gourmet Vegetarian, Prawn & Avocado, Seafood Platter, Steak & Brie, Tandoori Chicken, The Scorcher and Vegetarian Bianco.

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