What Does A Pregnant Woman Have To Make You Thin?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kim Martin is working hard to maintain a healthy diet, just one step in her effort to lose the baby weight she gained after having twins. "I was looking for something with a litte more structure and support to help me with some quick wins with weight loss." Kim says a weight loss clinic in Sarasota offered more than just nutritional advice. Their plan includes using the pregnancy hormone hCG to aid in weight loss.

Doctor Keith Lafferty explains. "We believe the hCG hormone helps people lose weight the same way it helps people maintain their nutrition in pregnancy. We believe it helps boost the metabolism number one, number two, it decreases symptoms of hunger and number three, primarily it helps move fat storage areas." The hormone, which is prescribed, is injected daily by the patient. Doctor Lafferty said, "It's coupled with low glycemic carbohydrate intake, a high protein diet and also an exercise program. The combination of these modalities seems to work for these patients." The US Food and Drug Administration has approved hCG, produced by the placenta during pregnancy, to use in fertility treatments but doctors are allowed to prescribe it for other purposes.

But weight loss surgeon Doctor Alfredo Fernandez believes this may be just another un-tested fad in a long list of diet aids. "All of these methods that are employed that are used to help people, in the great majority fail, especially when you get into these injectable substances. They can have serious side effects, which we may not know about today. We may not know [about them] for five to ten years. I would not do it to myself. I wouldn't do it to my family." And Dr. Fernandez says he hasn't seen any studies to prove this hormone works.

But Kim says the hormone helped her lose 15 pounds in a month. She says she's not hungry and has not had any negative side effects. "You know anything that's new, you look up and do your research but once I understood it was something I had in my body a couple of months ago, it made a lot of sense to me." Lafferty says men can use it too. He says it basically does the same thing in terms of suppressing appetite and moving fat storage areas.

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