Chiropractic Franchise Announces Special, Reduced Cost, Franchise Program

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Primary Pain Relief (Chiropractic franchise) announces a special, reduced cost, franchise program for chiropractors who have a current practice, making it easy for them to "convert" to be a Primary Pain Relief (Chiropractic) franchise owner.

Dr. Steven Poulos, D.D.S., dentist and founder of Primary Pain Relief, explained, "Chiropractors have faced a reduction in insurance and other payments in recent years, and some are struggling with how to develop new sources of income, and convert their practice to be more cash based." "The Primary Pain Relief franchise addresses this by helping chiropractors associate with, learn from, and apply the marketing and in-office methods and techniques used in our franchise model, which we believe is one of the best franchises," he continued.

Dr. Poulos has teamed with Dr. Jay D. McFarlane, D.C., who owns and operates a leading pain relief/ chiropractic clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, and whose practice is the model for the Primary Pain Relief franchise system. Dr. McFarlane has successfully built a practice that generates over twice as much revenue as the average chiropractic clinic. His successes and techniques will be taught to and made available to Primary Pain Relief franchisees, helping them build revenue. "Chiropractors are looking for ways to increase their income, and Primary Pain Relief has the answer to the challenge," said Dr. Poulos.

The Primary Pain Relief franchise program for chiropractors is flexible, and inexpensive to implement.

Chiropractors with a current practice are not required to refurnish, reinvest in equipment, remodel, or even change the name of their office. They can continue in their present location, while utilizing the Primary Pain Relief systems to increase their business, as a franchised associate.

"We have worked to make it very easy for chiropractors to own and operate a Primary Pain Relief franchisee," said Dr. Poulos. "We invite all chiropractors who are concerned about current chiropractic revenue pressure to let us show them how they can successfully respond to the challenge, and build their business and financial strength at the same time." Primary Pain Relief has teamed with John Power, of Biltmore Franchise Consulting, who designed the franchise program, and who is assisting with the sale of franchises. For more information please contact: John Power, 888-428-7711, 480-813-0796, [email protected] Or visit

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