Canadian Healthy Vending Announces Many More Gluten-free Options For Their Max! Healthy Vending Machines

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A study called "Attitudes of Canadians to Gluten-Free Diets," released this month, supports Canadian Healthy Vending's move to offer more gluten-free options.

Canadian Healthy Vending is pleased to announce that there are many more options now available for their Max! Healthy Vending Machines specifically for the millions of Canadians either interested in or presently on a gluten-free diet. Shaun Casey, Vice President of Canadian Healthy Vending, commented, "Our locations have been reporting an increasing number of requests for gluten-free products from customers, and as a result we've added more gluten-free options for our healthy vending machines." A study released this month called "Attitudes of Canadians to Gluten-Free Diets" supported Canadian Healthy Vending's move to make more gluten-free options available. The study found over 4 million Canadians were currently on gluten-reduced or gluten-free diets. Additionally, over 2 million had tried to decrease or eliminate gluten from their diets in the last six months. Mr. Casey noted, "My own experience has been that despite the higher profile in the media about the potential benefits of reducing or even eliminating gluten from our diets, gluten-free snacks are not easy to find especially in vending machines." Canadian Healthy Vending Machine operators encourage regular customers to ask for the healthy products they want. The gluten-free snacks available include items like CheeChap's Potato Puffs, Hot Kid Rice Crisps, Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies and Yamamotoyama Teriyaki Seaweed Chips.

The study, commissioned by Udi's, a U.S. company that produces gluten-free products, also showed that over 50% of the Canadians on a gluten-free or gluten-reduced diet reported improved gastrointestinal health, while 36% benefitted from healthier weight, 32% showed improved activity levels and 31% noticed better mood. The study supports the trend to replace traditional junk food vending machines with vending machines offering healthier options. Mr. Casey: "Today's Canadians aren't just technologically savvy, they're health-savvy, and our healthy vending machines don't just have the most up-to-date technology, they also have the healthy choices consumers are demanding." About Canadian Healthy Vending Canadian Healthy Vending is a Vancouver-based vending equipment manufacturer and distributor with over 23 years experience in the Canadian vending industry and is the manufacturer of the Max! Healthy Vending Machine. Our Mission is to get healthy snacks and nutritious drinks into the hands of Canadian workers and students in every city and province across the country. The state of the art Max! Healthy Vending Machine features both cash and cashless payment systems in addition to a high resolution display monitor, which provides nutritional information on product offerings, and information on community health initiatives. To get more information about Canadian Healthy Vending visit To find out how to get a Max! Healthy Vending Machine at your workplace go to our website.

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