Cleannet Usa Franchise Opportunity Review

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

CleanNet USA is today's most successful commercial cleaning business. Franchise business is a kind of business, in which the owners give their rights, logo of the company, and equipment to the franchisee. The person who wants to open the franchise has to invest a fixed amount and buy the rights to do the business under the logo of the company. When you own a franchise of the CleanNet USA, the company will provide you with CleanNet USA license, equipment, and training. You will get the marketing and billing support. You can start the business full time or part time, according to your desires, and establish it to receive good returns at your own pace.
Background:CleanNet is a United States-based company, founded in 1987 by Mark Salek. The company provides a wide range of cleaning services for retail, commercial, and industrial facilities. CleanNet USA is a very successful franchise business. They have around 3,763 franchisees in the US. Around 85% of cleaning contracts for building and offices go to CleanNet. CleanNet provides master franchise rights to its associates with all the guidance and equipment needed. CleanNet ensures that the franchise consists of a very good and automated service schedule, an expert sales system, and software working to control the franchises as well as good treatment to the customers.
Benefits:CleanNet USA is a national team of cleaning enthusiasts. The team consists of cleaning services, nice customer support, and a highly experienced and trained working staff. The company also gives the opportunity to others to be a part of the company in the form of a franchisee.

Initially, it is not necessary to have a good office setup.
You have to invest a small amount to get the franchise rights of the company.
Training in marketing services is provided by CleanNet USA.
You can continue your present work as you work on your new business.

CleanNet USA cost details:

Total cost is $9750 to $97950
Total fees of franchise: $6050 to $83,000
Ongoing royalty fees is 5%
Agreement term is 20 years.
Franchise renewal fees is $5K

CleanNet USA Franchise is a rapidly-growing industry in high demand, due to which, it provides highly sophisticated staff members; cleaning staff is also very cooperative and happy to serve. The main company is in Washington D.C., serving the Washington D.C. office and the metropolitan area around Washington D.C. The franchise offices of CleanNet USA are spread all over the country and now, all over the world, giving the best service.
The commercial cleaning services are in demand in recent years. It is very easy to get a good residential cleaning service, but a reliable and perfect commercial cleaning service is very hard to find. Today, along with business, good service is also very important to expand. Therefore, all kinds of small and big entrepreneurs need good quality commercial services to keep their demeanor welcoming.

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Franchise Ranking History
Franchise 500: #45 (2014), #30 (2012), #25 (2011), #79 (2010),
Fastest-Growing: #3 (2012), #4 (2011), #7 (2010),
Low-Cost: #4 (2012), #6 (2011), #21 (2010),
Top Home-Based: #6 (2012), #8 (2011), #22 (2010),
America's Top Global: #27 (2012), #23 (2011), #66 (2010)

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CleanNet USA Inc.
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Phone: (410)720-6444
Toll Free: (800)735-8838
Fax: (410)720-5307

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