Brian Tracy Intl On How To Be An Effective Manager

Monday, June 09, 2014

In any organisation, the largest untapped resource-and the most expensive-is its people. Building a positive, motivated workplace is the starting point for a high-performance organisation.

How Can You Motivate Your Staff? Challenge. Give people assignments that make them stretch. The more challenge they experience, the more engaged they will be and the more positive they will feel.

Freedom. Give staff sufficient autonomy to work unsupervised. If they can get the job done on their own and in their own way, the more pride they will experience.

Control. Set scheduled times for review and discussions. The more regular feedback that employees receive on their performance, the more valuable they consider their work.

Respect. Ask for people's opinions and then listen attentively. By carefully considering their opinions-even if you do not act on the input-you demonstrate respect for each person.

Positive Expectations. This is the most powerful motivator. Nothing boosts self-esteem and improves performance more than when people sense their boss believes they are competent and that they have the ability to do the job well.

Start Today: Tell your staff members often how impressed you are with the quality of their work. When you confidently expect people to perform at high levels, they will seldom disappoint you.

Successful Managers Are Action-Oriented! They move quickly to implement an idea and put it into action. Follow these 5 steps to improve the motivation of your staff and your effectiveness as a manager and you will see immediate results.

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