Fleet Clean U S A: Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We get a lot of inquiries from veterans about whether or not franchising with Fleet Clean is a good opportunity for them. So we wanted to take a moment and express our pride in the veterans of America from all "fleets" and explain why veterans make amazing business owners and franchisees.

Veterans own 16% of all businesses across America, and 66,000+ franchises are currently owned and operated by veterans. Veteran owned businesses and franchises are growing, and there are a bunch of great reasons why.

When veterans come out of the military through retirement, or just if their contract is up, it is often difficult to transition back into civilian life because you need to be able to market your skills to fit a job description. When it comes to business ownership, ex-military members have the perfect skill set for franchising.

First, franchisees need to operate within the guidelines of the franchisor, but also using an established model for their business. What does this mean? It means you don't have to stay right in the box, but you can't venture too far out of it. For instance, our franchisees have our proven model on how to wash vehicles effectively, and they have to stick with it so that quality is the same across America. But what they can do is go outside the box of what we typically refer to as a "fleet" of vehicles. For instance our franchisee out in Atlanta recently quoted to wash a fleet of golf carts- a unit type we had never even considered when we taught out franchisees about the type of customer that can benefit from our services.Veteran franchisees have experience working within a "guideline" setting.

A franchisee, or any business owner, needs to think on their feet and be decisive. If you franchise with Fleet Clean, your crew, operations manager, and other staff look to you for guidance when it comes down to the wire or if they make a mistake. You have to have the ability to take control of the situation and make important decision rapidly. I'd never compare what we do to the hard and dangerous work the military are doing around the world, but I will say that the ability to think quickly in stressful situations is one that carries over greatly in the business world.

Adaptability is key in the military. From being put into new situations hourly, much less daily and moving from place to place if you were a career military member, then you know how to adapt. When it comes to businesses like Fleet Clean, being able to adapt to new situations, new customer types and new technology is key because we are always trying to stay ten steps ahead of our competition.

For more reasons why as a veteran you might be a great fit for Fleet Clean, contact our franchising dept. or fill out the form on http://www.ownfc.com/pre-approval/ for a brochure!

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