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Sunday, March 15, 2015

It goes without saying that the most important aspect of running your franchise is customer service. While you may have access to a business model that helps you make the most of any service situation, it's still very important to make customers a priority whether you have a retail or auto repair operation running. Customers have to always come first in any situation, because their patronage helps you become more successful as a business owner. The Moran Family of Brands has a proven business model that prides itself on offering superior service that heightens satisfaction. Here are some tips to make sure that patrons stay happy when they visit your franchise.

Taking the lead Effective customer service comes from two levels: the managerial side and the employee side. Before the employees can be addressed, you have to take into consideration what you in particular are doing to develop and improve satisfaction among your regulars and new customers. In other words, you should be spending as much time as possible improving that aspect of your business.

Something you should be doing to make that happen is being as much the face of your franchise as possible. Instead of cooping up in your office and only surfacing when a problem appears, you should go out of your way to be on the shop floor as often as possible. Talking to customers and letting them know you're around in case they need help. This doesn't mean that employees should cede control to you. In fact, when possible, you should be encouraging them to do better through strong interactions with people that either need help or are just asking questions. However, showing visible leadership can be a great way to make new customers feel comfortable.

Part of this could be making yourself visible in the community as well. By joining your local chamber of commerce or business group, you are making your leadership in your business known to the community and your customers.

In addition, you should make customer service as much a part of your brand as everything else associated with it. Having a business model like Moran's that is centered on customer service and satisfaction can help. What is also useful is being able to hire with a focus on care and satisfaction. One way of doing this is looking at potential applicants' attitudes towards others. It's a good idea to have someone that is friendly and upbeat about working in your business, even when it's in the auto aftermarket. By having the right people in place, you can build a strong front-facing business out of your franchise.

The right people at the right time When it comes to having your employees provide excellent customer service to whoever visits your store or repair shop, getting the basics down is crucial, even if they are the friendliest people involved. The first important thing is being able to listen to what people say when they ask your staff members something. Your staffers should be able to understand what is being said to them, at any given time. More importantly, if they need to clarify information, they should do so in a polite manner. Getting a service order right as well as being friendly about it can make a major impact on how customers feel about your business.

Equally critical is the ability to empathize with your customers. Some patrons can and will be challenging for different reasons. If you want to making a strong lasting impression, your employees should be able to sympathize with their plights and help them out as best they can. Finally, and equally necessary, your staffers should know how to apologize properly in the event a mistake is made. It should done politely and in a way that that doesn't presume responsibility. That can save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Zooming out from the basics, what can be done to improve the quality of customer service? One thing that has been mentioned before is employee encouragement. While leadership in this field is a necessity, especially when things get hectic, you should be able to provide your employees some leeway in handling critical situations. For example, you may be sick or out of the office one day, and someone has some very unique questions regarding repairs. Giving your staffers the initiative to handle this situation allows them to be creative. If done right, it can also inspire enough confidence to do more for the sake of your franchise.

Proper training can also help with ensuring customer situations are handled properly. Working with your franchisor, you should have an idea on how to handle critical events with customers using your employees. You don't necessarily have to push on them several rules for the sake of making sure the ideal result occurs each time a customer walks in. However, through effective education, your staff members can behave so that they can handle these situations with ease. It's critical to remember that the most important asset in customer service are your staffers. Working with them can greatly help you make patrons feel satisfied and willing to come back.

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