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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Colorado Springs Company's Pre- and Post-Test Brain Training Results Showcased in Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Personal brain training, also known as "one-on-one brain training," is working hard to separate itself from the pack of computer-only brain training programs that claim to strengthen cognitive skills. One company that's leading the charge for the distinction is LearningRx, a Colorado Springs-based network of 90 centers across the U.S. and 40 abroad.

The 10-page article, "Training the Brain to Learn: Beyond Vision Therapy," in Volume 1, Issue 2 of the 2015 College of Optometrists in Vision Development, highlights the results of a study to evaluate the effectiveness of LearningRx's ThinkRx/ReadRx cognitive training programs.

The results of the study indicate that students who completed LearningRx's cognitive training program realized greater gains than the control group. Six of the seven sets of scores measuring associative memory, fluid reasoning, working memory, executive processing speed, auditory processing and Word Attack had statistically significant differences.

"The study's finding are encouraging in that comprehensive cognitive training appears to play a significant role in strengthening multiple cognitive skills necessary for learning," says LearningRx founder and lead author of the study Dr. Ken Gibson. "The results of this study can serve as a critical addition to the existing literature regarding the effectiveness of personal brain training on learning struggles." In December 2014, a group of 127 scientists sent a letter to the Stanford Center for Longevity citing a large and growing body of evidence that certain types of brain training deliver benefits. The group pointed out that there were "dozens of randomized, controlled trials published in peer-reviewed journals" documenting that some types of brain training could create positive cognitive changes. Now they can add another.

About LearningRx LearningRx brain training specializes in addressing the cause - not the symptoms - of learning struggles. In 2015, LearningRx celebrated its 90,000th student completing the cognitive skills training program. Gathered from more than 90 LearningRx centers over a 12-year period, the pre- and post-test results of the graduates are available in the company's biennial Results Reports. LearningRx brain training and testing has been administered by hundreds of cognitive and educational professionals to children, teens, adults and seniors seeking faster, more efficient brains. learningrx.com

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