Get Fried Franchise Group, LLC solidifies position in emerging US quick-serve French fry category

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

As local entrepreneurs across America continue to innovate novel foods or brands that find popularity
within their local and greater region, few have been fortunate to achieve success across the Nation -  or for that matter, the world. This feat is the aim of getfried fry cafe, a novel, quick-serve snack food restaurant specializing in gourmet topped French Fries, which as of last week has officially announced their world-wide Franchise Offering.

Developed by Chris Covelli (Founder) and Garrett Green (Co-Founder), the #getfried brand was launched in February 2015 selling a new spin on one of the oldest, - and largest - food novelties in the world. "We offer America's most popular snack - the French fry - and then give people the ability to create anything they can imagine with them," states Covelli.

"It's the ultimate comfort food served under the roof of a very edgy brand," adds Green.

The snack food market is estimated to be sized at 374 Billion with growth at a clip of 2% per year (Nielson, 2014); and the fast casual segment of the snack food market growing just under 12% per annum (Bloomberg). Americans eat an average of a whopping TWENTY NINE pounds of French fries each year resulting in over two million tons of fried potatoes.

As a quick-serve, snack food restaurant, #getfried's approach is simple and calculated. "Find locations with high foot traffic and captive audiences; open within four weeks for a minimal investment and watch people go absolutely crazy over the brand and the product," states Green.   "This is an exciting moment for the brand and for restaurant & hospitality entrepreneurs looking to differentiate their portfolios." Experiencing a #getfried store as a customer is not ordinary. You'll first spot the #getfried brand from literally 100 yards away due to its proprietary design. You'll be drawn in because you can't believe a restaurant could possibly be called '#getfried'. Quickly you'll find yourself browsing an interactive menu showcasing a product you never thought possible, and then realize the temptation is too great to ignore "" you have to try it. You get a feel for the options and then, you're ready. You walk up, and a #getfried staff member explains the process.  Just select from five different cuts of fries and 'top' to your liking from over 20+ different meats, cheeses and seasonings. "No other brand in the world offers our experience: completely customizable topped fries served to you in under 5min," shares Covelli. "You build it and we make it with you." If you're feeling overwhelmed with the choices, #getfried has you covered with twelve 'go-to' signature baskets which find inspiration from a wide range of cultures, including the one found right in Buffalo's backyard. Their number one seller for example is called the '716', sporting shredded chicken, franks hot sauce, and drizzled blue cheese over their home-made, thin-cut fries (paying homage to one of the company's home market staples, the chicken wing).   Are you thirsty yet? Complete your #getfried experience with one of their six signature home-made milkshakes for the ultimate guilty pleasure.

"As a brand, we see the company growing into a global novelty restaurant - akin to an Auntie Anne's or a Mrs. Fields," states Covelli.

Covelli and Green's initial concept store opened in the Galleria Mall on February 13th, 2015 with a round of funding led by Green's venture company, Green & Co. Holdings, a private firm which focuses on investments & consulting for early stage consumer brands. "Chris's idea struck me as an opportunity not just because you don't see a lot of French fry restaurants  - which can be a good or a bad thing -  but I knew if we put together the right strategy to make it viable, the name Chris hatched would become explosive," explains Green.  As an example, the company is noted for generating over 4,000 'likes' to its Facebook page the first week of its initial store opening; and the social media activity that ensued from it's very first weekend caused the brand to "Trend"  Nationally on the Twitter, the world's 2nd largest social media platform. "This happened and will continue to happen because we successfully married a product and a name that people can't help but talk about on social media," adds Green.

Just last week, their second store was opened on December 18th, 2015 in the Fashion Outlet Mall; and a few days prior is when they received official approval from New York State that the company has been cleared for Franchising. The company has commented that there is a solid degree of interest from potential franchisees looking to secure high value territories in the US. This comes before the company launches their marketing campaign for the franchise.

 "The last 10 months have been an exciting period for the Company," explains Covelli. "We have been fortunate to have an excellent GM, Dave Taylor as well as an eager, skilled team of people that see the larger objective of the company. We really enjoy working with - and learning from - those who have helped the brand get to where it is, which of course is not limited to just our staff. The interest we have generated in our franchise has been motivating to say the least as we look forward to working with entrepreneurs and larger food service focused companies that have reached out to us." With industry franchise fees ranging from $20,000  to $100,000, #getfried says it is "confidently positioned with an attractive value proposition that entrepreneurs are going to love."  


About #getfried

#getfried usa is a quick-serve, restaurant chain specializing in gourmet topped French fries to the on-the-go consumer. #getfried's low-start up stores utilize concession, walk-up and sit-down cafe formatted stores for the lunch, evening and late night consumer found in malls, college towns, sports arenas, casinos, airports, gas stations, movie theaters, and downtown city entertainment districts. The current competitive landscape shows less than 5 players within the US fast food market with #getfried created to "out-premium" with a superior end-product and branding excellence. The company currently has two Western NY model locations and is currently rolling out its Franchise system to qualified entrepreneurs world-wide.

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