Local Door Coupons Founder Used Social Media To Build An Eight-Figure Home Based Franchise Business

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In 2013, while sitting at a bar with a friend, Danny Nieves had a thought. He was helping a friend advertise his Cuban restaurant and told him that he would post his menus onto doors by rubber-banding them to doorknobs in his neighborhood. The idea was a hit. It garnered local attention and had business booming at his friend's restaurant.  This bright idea spawned into the thought that, if it could work for his friend's Cuban restaurant, maybe other nearby restaurants would pay him to add their menus to doorknobs. Nieves got to work. Stapling together menu after menu, he began dropping them off on every single doorknob he could.

The business idea saw explosive growth. Sales for those restaurants skyrocketed and he knew he was onto something. But he hated stapling together the menus and having to attach them one by one. However, it was at that bar, scrawled on a drink napkin, that he planned out his approach, detailing how he would saturate the homes with advertisements.
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Instead of stapling them together, he knew that a better way would be to create an attractive door coupon that he could hang directly on the doors. He envisioned it being something stylish and colorful with a high-quality design. And by fashioning it directly to the doorknob in both its design and delivery, he knew that homeowners would take notice.

This idea gave birth to a revolutionary new form of marketing that largely hadn't been done before on any scale. Sure, advertisers have been leaving coupons on doorsteps and rubber banding them for ages onto doorknobs, but no business prior to this has created a coupon designed specifically to be hung on doors.

Nieves contemplated the whole idea and decided to dive in headfirst. And out came Local Door Coupons.

Enlisting the help of a couple of friends, Nieves joined forces with Brian Tiejerino and Juan Falcon to help with sales and marketing, each receiving a share of the business to help get it off the ground and scale while keeping costs down. However, early on, Nieves struggled to gain traction. It wasn't because the idea wasn't revolutionary; it was. The problem was scaling the business fast enough.

Nieves, like any other successful entrepreneur, knew that he needed help. He faced a dilemma that many business owners face -- he needed the proper amount of capital if he was really going to scale the business fast enough to reach that proverbial tipping point that so many are vying for.

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