One Veg World Cost Comparisons

About One Veg World

At One World Vegetarian Cuisine, our desire is to create a vegetarian experience that people will enjoy. Our enthusiasm for our vegan creations and our passion to bring healthy food options to the world will continue in the years to come. We are excited when we receive positive feedback from vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and people who are simply health conscious. We clearly envision offering the world our delectable foods, affording others the opportunity to experience great vegan cuisine. There's more for you to enjoy at One World Vegetarian Cuisine than just hearty vegetables. Our commitment to redefining gourmet vegetarian cuisine begins with our unique animal-free creations and healthy, innovative dishes. Take it from meat lovers who are constantly amazed at how our unique, animal-free creations could pass for real beef, chicken, pork and fish. The truth is all our dishes are pure vegetarian, prepared without meat, seafood, eggs, or MSG. We cook with fresh produce in filtered water and choose organic whenever possible. We use the natural flavors and sweetness of fresh vegetables for our soups and a wide variety of exotic herbs and spices for our culinary creations to make them pleasing to all palates.
One World Vegetarian Cuisine selection of vegetarian international fare ranges from America, Hispanic, to Euro-Asian food.
If you are passionate about promoting a vegetarian lifestyle to the public, One World Vegetarian Cuisine is the business opportunity for you!

Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of One Veg World against other franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of One Veg World with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
Chop Stop $30,000 5% to2% $318,000-$599,500
Fresh Healthy Cafe $25,000 $133,500-$253,000
Greenz $30,000 5% 1% $190,000-$400,000
Hummus & Pita Co $40,000 6% 3% $409,000-$734,500
ProteinHouse $40,000 $449,225-And Up