Study: Drinking Tea At Doc Chey's Could Extend Your Life.

Friday, July 07, 2006

It's true; ordering from our Tea Bar could actually prolong your life. A recent study of more than 40,000 men and women in Japan found that those who drink a lot of green tea live longer. Over the first seven years of the study, the death rate of heavy tea drinkers (about 5 cups a day) was a whopping 26 percent lower. Dr. Kuriyama at Japan's Tohoku University School of Public Policy found the beverage was particularly effective in fighting heart disease. The conclusion? Drink green tea every chance you get, whether it's at home or at Doc Chey's. Extending your life is not the only reason you should warm up this fall with tea at Doc Chey's. Here's a pot-full of other reasons: For less than the price of a coffee shop latte, you can get an entire pot of tea at Doc Chey's. It'll warm you up. Hot tea goes with fall, like iced tea goes with summer. Organic, herbal, and caffeine-free options available. Green tea may contribute to weight loss, fighting cancer, lowering blood sugar, reducing high blood pressure, slowing Huntington's Disease, the list goes on and on... Promotes digestion (especially after indulging in a heaping noodle bowl). Helps fight and sooth colds and sinus infections (try Echinacea Immune Support). Relieves upset stomachs and PMS (try Raspberry Ginger). Helps your body stay healthy (try Green Tea Rejuvenation). Reduces effects of aging and improves memory (try Green Tea Energy). Prolongs your youthfulness while counteracting the effects of pollutants (try Green Tea Lemon Ginger). Reduces body free radicals and helps eliminate body byproducts (try Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant). Improves mental alertness (try Ginseng Royal Vitality). Hot tea is yummy, delicious goodness!

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