Dim Sum Defined.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We've got dim sum out the yin-yang. What exactly is dim sum anyway? Dim sum is a Chinese word meaning "heart's delight" describing the small plates served with hot tea in the Canton province of China over 100 years ago. The history of dim sum roots back to the travelers on the ancient Silk Road who rested at roadside tea houses. People later discovered that tea can aid digestion, so teahouses began offering small snack plates, and the tradition of dim sum evolved.

Dim sum is traditionally a Chinese light meal or brunch served with hot tea. Typical Chinese restaurants in America serve dim sum on mobile carts that constantly rotate tables. At Doc Chey's we don't have carts, but you can order dim sum off the menu as an appetizer or meal anytime of the day. A pot of green tea from our Tea Bar is the perfect companion to wash down all that delicious dim sum.

Creating dim sum is truly a work-of-art at Doc Chey's. Hand-rolling dumplings, basil rolls, spring rolls and shrimp rolls is a daily ritual. Each is cooked-to-order with care so you know it's fresh. We use only the freshest ingredients, so you can be confident that your edamame, wok-seared green beans and lettuce wraps have maintained its nutritional content that is missing from aged produce that other restaurants serve. Our miso, coconut, and Chinese chicken soups are just like Grandmother Chey used to make: a soothing combination of carefully selected ingredients simmered to perfection.

Dim sum is the perfect way to start your meal with good karma. They're great for sharing, so order a few and spread the love. Order the Good Karma Sampler for your meal, including your choice of any three dim sum items.

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