Singing A Different Tuna

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Minimal Mercury tuna is here! Lite For Life is pleased to offer a low mercury canned tuna from Wild Planet for those who love tuna and the health benefits it offers but are concerned about mercury levels Wild Planet also offers canned salmon, shrimp and crab, all of which are delicious. The company tests its seafood for purity, guaranteeing that all of their products contain minimal amounts of mercury. Mercury is of particular concern with Albacore tuna. Albacore tuna can become enormous, and older, larger fish accumulate concentrated levels of mercury. Wild Planet's Minimal MercuryTtuna uses only three year old fish weighing from 9-12 pounds, guaranteeing a lower mercury content than many other brands. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that a person consume no more than .7 micrograms of mercury per kg of body weight per week. One ounce of a national brand of albacore averages 10 micrograms of mercury compared to 3.8 micrograms of mercury in one ounce of Wild Planet minimal mercury albacore. The benefits of tuna are tremendous. One 2 oz. serving of Wild Planet albacore delivers 1.77 grams of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is 177% of the American Heart Association's recommended daily value. It is also typically high in the metabolism boosting, and heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. This high quality protein is wonderful in salads and sandwiches (with the low-carb Alvarado flax seed bread of course!) Mix the shrimp up with some Latin Lemonaise and eat on crackers for a tasty snack. You'll be getting your beneficial Omega 3's, while minimizing your exposure to mercury.

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