CD Tradepost

About CD Tradepost

CD Tradepost is a retail store combining a pre-owned entertainment product line with an innovative marketing approach to maximize your investment and create a fun environment for customers.

CD Tradepost provides an upscale and entertaining environment to not only buy CD's, movies, and video games at about half the cost of new, but also sell, or "trade-in," the items customers are no longer using.

Because our merchandise is completely pre-owned, our prices are 40-60% less than traditional retail, while our gross margins are generally much higher. Our unique philosophy on grassroots marketing ensures a solid foundation for your future customer base. We love supporting and interacting with the communities in which we do business. We don't just talk about supporting other local businesses, we DO it, and on a regular basis. Outdoor concerts, videogame tournaments, and other creative promotions are not unusual antics for a CD Tradepost owner. With this creative strategy, you will stand out from the competition.

The CD Tradepost support team works hand in hand with you throughout the process of creating your new store. From securing a location and negotiating your lease to obtaining your initial inventory and launching your grand opening. We are there to help. With our comprehensive training program and ongoing support and guidance, we offer the perfect opportunity for you to be in business for yourself - not by yourself.

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