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About Jennifer Maxx

Jennifer MAXX operates three Jennifer MAXX Hair removal and skin care studios in the New York metropolitan area and is an innovator in the multibillion dollar hair removal/skin care industry. Jennifer, a graduate of both M.I.T and the Harvard Business School started Jennifer MAXX in 1994. A Jennifer MAXX franchise consists of three revenue streams that are dedicated to hair removal and skin care. * Advanced ThermaLight Hair Removal * MAXX Microdermabrasion Facial * Urban Relief Skin Care Both ThermaLight and the MAXX Microdermabrasion Facial are proprietary processes. Jennifer MAXX has also developed an exclusive all natural skin treatment line with an ingredient focus on vitamins and antioxidant extracts. Jennifer MAXX studios can be located in strip malls, shopping centers or within office buildings. All training on Jennifer MAXX systems is provided at one of Jennifer MAXX's metro New York locations.