Battery World Nationally Flushes Out 86,573 Kilos Of Disused Car Batteries

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Battery World has helped Australia become 86,573 kilos lighter thanks to their National Recycling Week challenge to flush out disused car batteries that are lying around in garden sheds and garages.

As part of Planet Ark's National Recycling Week, Battery World car battery franchises has collected more than 86,573kgs of batteries in which, according to Planet Ark's Recycling Campaigns Manager Janet Sparrow, is the same weight as 13 African elephants.

Queenslanders had brought in the most batteries, out of the whole country, with a tally of 28,308kgs. The amount of batteries Queensland brought in could cover a tennis court.

According to Plant Ark's research, as many as 50% of batteries sold each year still ended up in landfills in which many of the car batteries were not disposed correctly. Battery World franchises took the initiative to become Australia's collection points for the batteries and send them off for recycling. Tonnes of the disused batteries are now on their way to recycling plants. According to Greg Greg Leslie, Battery World Environmental and Recycling spokesman, this was really addressing the country's carbon footprint. " There are many global issues we have no control of," said Leslie. "But getting something toxic out of your garden shed or garage and off to a recycling plant is something tangible to do that will make a difference - especially since it means some won't be thrown into our domestic rubbish bins and end up in landfill. Properly disposed their toxic components can be salvaged - saving energy, valuable natural resources and limiting environmental damage." Meaghan Tait, General Manager of Orbitas, one of Australia's leading recyclers of lead batteries, said this was a fantastic effort from Batter y World. Recycling lead uses four times less energy than from primary lead production.

"Old batteries literally do become new batteries: by reprocessing the 81 tonnes of used lead acid batteries collected by Battery World at the Wagga Wagga based Renewed Metal technologies, we are able to produce around 48 tonnes of soft lead and lead alloy products that could be used in the product of an estimated 4,800 new automotive batteries," said Tait.

Ipswich Battery World and WA's Maddington franchise had gathered the most batteries out of the country with both collecting more than five tonnes. Other results include 21,224kgs from WA, 14,328kgs from NSW, 9,753kg from VIC and TAS and over 5,653kg from NT and SA.

For more information on Battery World, visit their website or send them an e-mail.

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