Wicked Good Cupcakes Fort Wayne makes its debut as a popup store

Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Wicked Good is a cupcake business featured on Shark Tank. They're all made from scratch; no box mixes or preservatives are ever used. They are layered with frosting and filling in jars where they stay fresh for seven to 10 days, which makes them great for gifts. A normal cupcake would get stale sooner, so you'd have to eat it pretty fast. Corporate ships custom packs of the cupcake jars in gift boxes with spoons so they'll be ready to eat right out of the package. We order them for our truck from corporate frozen and thaw them out as we need them. People can buy single cupcake jars at our truck. Each 8-ounce jar is two cupcakes. Including tax, they cost $7.50, or $8.50 for the gluten-free varieties.
The cupcake jars take about four hours to thaw. We carry them in 17 to 20 flavors, and right now we have 8,000 on board.
How did you develop an interest in this business and decide to open the first Wicked Good Cupcakes franchise?

I ordered them for my husband after seeing them on Shark Tank and they were amazing. I thought it might have been luck, so I ordered them again to find out if they really were that good, and they were just as amazing as before.
I have a little bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, so I got online to see if they were franchising, and they were. They took 210 applications for franchising and they picked us.They picked us as their first franchise because we are a mother and daughter team and so are the founders and we have past business experience, so they didn't have to hold our hands. We've also had experience running a franchise, so I think all of that made us the perfect candidates for them.
What is ahead for Wicked Good Cupcakes Fort Wayne?

We already have the Indianapolis territory, so we are going to expand down into Indianapolis, we're hoping by the end of the year, to be down there next year. And we are going to be getting a second truck for Fort Wayne, probably next year as well.
What do you like about this type of work?

It's extremely fun. It's not your daily nine-to-five; you're not stuck at a desk. It's just fun to be out in the public. And everybody gets excited about cupcakes; people are always happy to buy cupcakes.
What moments stand out so far with the development of the first Wicked Good franchise?

Definitely the help we get from corporate is amazing. They have been the best corporate people we have ever worked with. We didn't expect them to be so supportive or to be such amazing cheerleaders for us, calling and checking in and saying we had a great weekend.
What advice have you found particularly helpful in running a small business and getting this Wicked Good franchise going?

Definitely know your corporate people inside and out and have an excellent relationship with them if you decide to franchise. And definitely investigate and do your due diligence before you decide to franchise.
At Wicked Good, they've been way more than we expected for sure. We can't say enough good about them. Even after being on Shark Tank and getting a lot of national exposure, they are the most humble and the nicest people you'll ever meet.

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