PHWS International Cost Comparisons

About PHWS International

Spread the savings and service to builders and homeowners through the systemized PHWS service delivery process. PHWS is using a business model based on 13 years in the field, you can build a very successful business using our expertise and knowledge in the building industry. If you have ever purchased a home or been involved in the new home residential building industry then you know how important post sale customer care and warranty service is. Traditionally builders and developers have performed these duties in-house. Professional Home Warranty Services, Inc. gives builders and developers the opportunity to outsource this necessary service, much like they outsource virtually every aspect of building a home. A PHWS operation will provide better service and more control, all at a lower operating expense to the builders, the value PHWS brings to its clients is clear and tangible. Most of the builders in your market area who are actively building homes manage customer care and warranty in-house. This in and of itself provides an enormous potential market for you as a PHWS franchisee. Many states now have "right-to-repair" laws, which put even MORE value in customer care and warranty operations. States that support long statute of repose periods on builders and developers require they remain vigilant to claims of poor workmanship or performance, again this provides opportunity for you as a PHWS franchisee. PHWS also presents a new level of service as a professional trade contractor specializing in pre and post buyer move-in services. We like to think of ourselves as the "newest level of professional trade contractor available to the new home residential industry". Builders are becoming accustomed to outsourcing customer care and warranty callback services. By owning your own PHWS, Inc. franchise you are taking advantage of an exciting new market with services and systems available to new homebuilding professionals.

Home Based Franchise Opportunities Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of PHWS International against other Home Based Franchise Opportunities franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of PHWS International with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
21st Century Auto Alliance $4,500 $20,000
360 Painting $60,000 6% 2% $99,125-$139,500
Above Grade Level $30,000 $36,000-$69,000
ALCO-BUDDY N/A 0 0 $1,999-And Up
ASP-America's Swimming Pool Company $35,000-$58,000 8 - 4% 1% $101,089-$138,344
Auto Appraisal Network $12,000-$20,000 $110/appraisal $16,700-$44,275
BallStars N/A $7,995-$27,995
BeautiControl N/A $1-$25,000
City Saver $25,000 6% $34,966-$48,121
ColorChef N/A $121,250-$162,500
cPRIME USA N/A $49-$25,000
CRAL System $27,500 9.5% -10% 3% local +2% Nat'l $110,551-$161,743
Creative Memories N/A $60-And Up
Cybertary $37,500-$60,000 5%/ Min.$400+$100 Technology Fee/month 1%/ Min.$20/Mo. $40,000-$78,000
Deck Renewal Systems USA $29,000 5% $29,000-$50,000
Dental Fix RX $25,000 Corporate support fee $68,000-$184,000
DIGICOM $30,000 $56,170-$110,270
DJ's Couture N/A 0 0 $25,000
Driving Miss Daisy $20,000 $21,000-And Up
Drug Test Consultant, The N/A $19,995
End Result, The N/A $48,000-$72,000
Enviropaving $70,000 $100,000-And Up
Enzacta International N/A $250-$1,050
Express Medical Transporters $45,000 4%-4.5%-5% up to 2% $175,000-$242,000
Floor Hero $15,000-$20,000 4% $24,930-$46,680
Games2U Canada $20,000-$35,000 $1000/Mo. or 6% $55,750-And Up
Gamin' Ride $35,000 6% 2% $99,050-$252,660
Gift Card Monkey $9,900 $10,950-$27,600
Great Northern Insulation $40,000 $40,000-And Up
Groutsmith $19,900-$28,900 Fixed $27,300-$34,400
Growing Roots $15,000 4% 1% $25,100-$45,100
HART Health $20,000 5% 2% $35,170-$64,180
Healthy Times Newspaper $15,000 $500/ month $18,500-$29,100
Hygienitech N/A $4,950
iPreserve $20,000 6% $45,000
IronDrive $20,000 6% 2% $39,000
KC Home Inventory N/A $195-$425
Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing $18,000 $110/month 0 $30,000-And Up
Little Black Book for every busy woman, The $12,000-$22,000 Varies $21,400-$46,300
Maintenance Made Simple $20,000 6% 2% $35,300-$64,800
Max International N/A $1-$25,000 $20,000 8% 2% $45,000-$60,000
Mr. Parging $35,000 $35,000-And Up
My Destination N/A 500/month $20,000-$50,000
My Very Own Adventure! N/A $2.00/DVD $7,495-$19,995
Natural Floral Wholesale Distributors $6,500-$22,500 $6,500-$65,000
Newcomers Welcome Service $25,000 $3-5/visit $39,500-$50,000
Nucerity International - Skincerity N/A $1-$25,000
OccasionOgraphy N/A $495
Paramount Home Beauty $14,800 5% $44,100
Perfect Post $25,000 $80,000-$130,000
Plan Ahead Events $34,500 $300+/mo.. $45,855-$71,245
Red Wheel Fundraising $20,000 8% $38,000-$86,000
Rocky Mountain School of Furniture Repair N/A $1-$25,000 N/A $350
Senzu N/A 0 0 $75
ServiStar $44,500-$194,500 Varies $88,500-$790,000
Sir Grout $39,500 6% $250/mo.- $500/mo. $78,795-$131,530
Swim Squad, The $7,500 6% $16,200-$33,500 $20,000 $30,000-$41,000
Tidbits Media N/A $76 per week $8,500-$25,000
U-Turn Vending N/A $15,000-And Up
Urban Enterprises $9,000 $400/mo. $9,000
VIP Bin Cleaning $20,000 $75,000-And Up
We Do Lines $30,000 $50,000-$75,000
Woody's Wood Shops $22,000 6% 2% $85,000-$185,000
Xtreme Polish Systems N/A $25,000-$50,000
YYZ Travel Group N/A $1-$25,000